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Perfectly Pleased

You want to be completely seduced and devoured. Be enticed by my tantalising sensuality and cheeky playfulness. Let's explore each other with sweet intimacy and lovers' passion until we are both deeply satisfied.

30 mins $400

45 mins $450

1 hour $500

90 mins $700

2 hours $900

3 hours $1200

4 hours $1500

Please Me All Night Long

You want everything! Let's flirt over dinner, get intimate between the sheets (or somewhere more adventurous), fall asleep satisfied in each other's arms and wake up for more fun and a well-deserved breakfast if we still have time.

12 hours $2500

Each extra hour $200

Beyond Pleased

You want to whisk me away on a romantic adventure for a weekend or longer. We can forget the daily grind, fill our days with special moments and fine pleasures, and emerge rejuvenated beings.

2 nights $4500

Each extra night $1500

Three Pleased

You and your partner want to share a sensual delight in all senses. It's my absolute pleasure to ensure everyone's desires are fulfilled.

2 hours $1300

3 hours $1600

4 hours $2000

12 hours $3500

Pleased to Meet You

You want a flirty rendezvous. Let's meet for a casual coffee. a formal dinner or a fun social activity and explore our chemistry. Some date ideas I enjoy include appreciating some art or performance, a picnic in a park, a soak in a spa, or dancing the night away.

30 mins $200

1 hour $300

2 hours $500

3 hours $700

4 hours Lunch/Dinner & Play $1200

Please contact me if you would like to arrange a multi-day or Fly Me To You booking, or your preferred duration is not listed.

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