Madeleine is a beautiful girl, so soft and lovely. She is perfect for women who are keen to play with another woman, so caring and thoughtful...Thank you. Madeleine I'll be back again.

- Sue


Madeleine is incredibly sensitive to my intimate needs as a trans person. I've felt safe to comfortably explore a very repressed side of myself, with patience and without judgement. Each encounter has left me breathless and longing for more. Thank you xx

- F


It was a great pleasure spending an hour with Madeleine. She's got a beautiful soul and is very nice in outside as well. Everything was perfect really, so a huge thank you!

- SR


I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Madeleine recently. She is phenomenal in every aspect of her service, leaving you feeling incredibly satisfied.



Wonderful sexy girl who makes you feel at ease straight away. She has the lightest most sensual touch. Gorgeous figure with curves to die for. Highly intelligent and sensitive between the sheets. A real lady.

- JS


Had a wonderful afternoon with Madeleine. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman who deserves the highest of respect. Had a great time exploring each others bodies, going down on each other and having amazing sweaty sex. Having her lie across my chest after we had both orgasmed was such a beautiful experience. Cant wait until next time xx

- J


Madeleine made me completely feel at ease. Her cheeky eyes, curvy figure with a natural bush and amble breast with nipples that beg to be sucked was a fantastic experience. She was so understanding and able to caterer for my age and lack of sex encounters. I can recommend her highly and will certainly seeing her again.

- Trev


My husband & I treated ourselves to a threesome for our 9th anniversary gift to each other. We were seeking mutual pleasure & a brand new experience to share. We had an absolutely incredible time with Madeleine. She has the softest skin, the sweetest smile & a butt to die for. It was so hot, but totally tender, lots of drawn out kissing, touching & lingering over each others bodies. It was my husband's very first threesome & I hadn't slept with another woman in such a long time, so the nerves were high before she arrived but it was all soon forgotten as soon as she invited us to undress her together. We find ourselves talking about that night frequently & are both so glad we took the plunge to share our bed for the evening. We had such a wonderful time with Madeleine & highly recommend.

- Anonymous


I've had the pleasure of seeing Madeleine a couple of times both for full service and sensual touch (best massage of my life) but I was finally able to find time to spend a night with her. She is definitely one of a kind, an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out, so warm and so intelligent but not at all judgmental. I felt completely comfortable right from when we first met up, she's easy to talk to and beyond incredible in the bed. I really cannot recommend Madeleine enough, from start to finish my time with her with amazing. Thank you beautiful!

- Seb


Wow, this girl is truly amazing!! Incredibly friendly and communicative during the initial contact stage and wonderfully warm and understanding throughout our session. With my marriage being on the rocks for sometime It had been a very long time between drinks for me and I was desperate to experience something more than just anonymous sex. Madeleine listened to everything and delivered such a perfect experience that it's left me hungry for more!! She has a wonderful smile and eyes that are just simply to die for.......expect to melt when she is looking into yours, which she is so expert at doing at all the right times.

11/10 rating from me and I can not wait for her to return this way again.

- Adam


I booked Madeleine for a private, two hour get-together after a difficult, stressful time and a long drought of physical intimacy. She was remarkably communicative, understanding what I was after when I contacted her, and picking up on all the subtle cues in the bedroom. I can also confirm that her advertising is correct - she's an incredibly talented kisser, and delightfully sensual in the bedroom. She also gives an -amazing- backrub. When I left, I felt like skipping!

On more specific notes: Her pictures are accurate, she's a beauty to see in person, and her advertising doesn't lie. She's articulate and well-spoken - fun to have a small chat with, but also good at easing someone who's nervous into the swing of things.

Definitely someone worth seeing and enjoying, if you get the chance.

- Charlie


Madeleine is absolutely skilled at making you feel at ease whilst completely captivating you with equal amounts of charm, an amazing smile, cheeky eyes and an ability to wield all with her spectacular curves that beg to be caressed, nipples made to be sucked on and hips that I was oh so glad to hold.

Without going into specific details, I have nerve pain issues that make sex and in particular, the nature of touch, difficult for me at times…I've experienced the good, bad and everything else that comes with those difficulties. I'm genuinely amazed to say that none of those things were an issue. To put this in some context, that has *never* happened for me and is not something I'm used to at all…I've enough experience to know only a true master of their art could combine all their considerable talents into an amazing experience of firsts for me. A true pleasure to be so comfortable with someone so equally adept, amazing and gorgeous.

- MXen83